Recent essays

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Marriage, Homosexuality, Transgenderism, and Christian Liberty: A Manifesto for Churches and Their Members

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Nature and Regeneration

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Obergefell and America’s War on God

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Death as “Frenemy:” Beating the Grim Reaper’s Scythe into a Plowshare

Like a Preacher Needs Pain: Friends, Enemies, and Pastoral Ministry

The First Things Marriage Pledge: A Counterpoint from the Heart of Dixie

Select theology articles

Against Christianity, For the Sacraments

Blurring the Federal Vision: A Reply to Michael Horton

Bombing the Theologians' Playground - An Extended Review of N. T. Wright's NIB Commentary on Romans 

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Dabney Lectures 2005-6:

Discipleship and the Visible Church

Do I Believe in Baptismal Regeneration?

For the Children's Sake (pdf)

From Public Church to Private Christian

Gentile God-Fearers and the Jewish Rejection of the Gospel

Getting the Galatian Heresy Right (pdf)