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"The Apostolic Origin of Infant Baptism," from Schaff's "Geschichle der Chr. Kirche," translated by B. C. W. (557 kb)

"Catholicism" by John Williamson Nevin (1.6 MB)

"The Character of the German Reformed Church, and its Relation to Lutheranism and Calvinism" by T. C. P. (1.7 MB)

"The Church Doctrine of the Forgiveness of Sin" -- unknown author (592 kb)

"Cur Deus Homo?" by John Williamson Nevin (1.2 MB)

"The Doctrine of Baptism as Taught in the Heidelberg Catechism" by Rev E. V. Gerhart (2.2 MB)

"The Doctrine of Christian Baptism, and The Baptistic Question" by Dr. H. Martensen (4.2 MB)

"The Doctrine of the Reformed Church on the Lord's Supper" (12.9 MB)

"Dr. Nevin and his Antagonists" by J. H. A. Bomberger (2.1 MB)

"Dr. Schaff's History of the Apostolic Church" (14.2 MB)

"Early Christianity" (10.8 MB)

"The Essence and the Form of Christianity" -- unknown author (1.1 MB)

"German Theology and the Church Question," translated from "Schaff's Kirchenfreund" (1.4 MB)

"The Heidelberg Catechism" by John Williamson Nevin (2.2 MB)

"The Heidelberg Catechism and Dr. Nevin" (2.17 MB)

"Holy Baptism: The Doctrine of the Reformed Church" by E. V. Gerhart (2.7 MB)

"The Holy Eucharist," an extract from Thiersch's lectures, translated by John Williamson Nevin (1 MB)

"The Humanity of Christ" by Prof. T. G. Apple (873 kb)

"Infant Salvation in its Relation to Infant Depravity, Infant Regeneration, and Infant Baptism" by J. H. A. Bomberger, reviewed by N. S. S. (1.7 MB)

"An Inquiry into the Validity of Lay-Baptism" by Samuel H. Giesy (1.6 MB)

"Jesus and the Resurrection" John Williamson Nevin (1.5 MB)

"Martensen on Catholicism and Protestantism" by Rev. Prof. Nathan C. Schaeffer (784 kb)

"The Old Docrine of Christian Baptism: An Extract from the Twelth Homily of St. John Chrysostom on the Gospel of St. Matthew" with "Practical Reflections" by John Williamson Nevin (1.6 MB)

"Organic Christianity" (8.9 MB)

"Parochial, or Christian Schools" by H. H. (1.7 MB)

"The Presbyterian Theory of Christian Baptism" -- author unknown (742 kb)

"Principles of Ecclesiastical Unity" (letter to John Williamson Nevin) (974 kb)

"Protestantism and Catholicity Compared in Their Effects on the Civilization of Europe" by Rev. J. Balmes, reviewed by John Williamson Nevin (2.8 MB)

"The Relation of Church of Church and State" (5.6 MB)

"A Review of Dr. Hodge's Systematic Theology with Special Reference to the Question of Infant Baptism and Infant Salvation, in the Calvinistic System" by C. P. K. (4.1 MB)

"The Sacramental System of the Early Church" by E. E. Higbee (961 kb)

"Sartorious on the Person and Work of Christ" (8.8 MB)

"The Saving Influence of Christianity in the United States of America During the Last Hundred Years" by Rev. F. Fox (753 kb)

"Schaff's Protestantism" (3.9 MB)

"Scripture View of Holy Baptism" by Rev D. Y. Heisler (2.2 MB)

"The Second Adam, and the New Birth: Or the Doctrine of Baptism as Contained in Holy Scripture" by Rev M. F. Sadler, reviewed by Rev. J. W. Santee (1.7 MB)

"The Sect System, Part 1" (9.4 MB)

"The Sect System, Part 2" (6.7 MB)

"Short Notices - October 1848" (2.14 MB)

"Systematic Benevolence, or A Plea for the Lord's Portion of Our Increase" by H. H. (5.84 MB)

"The Visible and Invisible Church" by Rev. D. Gans (498 kb)

"What is Christianity?" (15.8 MB)

"The Word and Sacraments" by Rev. Walter E. Krebs (1.1 MB)