Norman Shepherd Project

Norman Shepherd, former seminary professor (Westminster Theological Seminary) and pastor, is an important figure in recent Reformed theology. Building on the work of John Murray and others, he has challenged the Reformed and Presbyterian world to take seriously the biblical doctrine of the covenant and the Scriptures' call to good works.

While Shepherd has become something of a polarizing figure for many, sympathetic discussion of his biblical and theological work is a worthwhile and important enterprise.

Written Materials

An Overture Concerning Heidelberg Catechism Q and A 80 (pdf)

Answers to Some Questions

2006 Response to the OPC Justification Report (4 parts; scroll down)

2002 The Call of Grace reviewed by Mark Horne

2001 "My Understanding of Covenant," from the Christian Renewal forum, May 2001.

2002 "Justification By Faith Alone," from Reformation and Revival Journal, Spring 2002.

Open Letter from Richard Gaffin (1981)

Cornelius Van Til on the Shepherd controversy

1978 The 34 Theses on Justification

1979 The Grace of Justification

"The Covenant Context of Evangelism" from The New Testament Student and Theology, Volume 3, edited by John Skilton (1976)

Historic Letters, Remarks etc

Honorary Doctorate (pdf)