Pastor Lusk In Print A Bibliography of Books and Journals

Ruth Through New Eyes cover imageRuth Through New Eyes: Under His Wings, by Rich Lusk and Uri Brito. A commentary on the book of Ruth for the Through New Eyes series.

95 Theses for a New ReformationContributor to 95 Theses for a New Reformation, edited by Aaron Hebbard. Pastor Lusk’s essays are "Let the Church Seek God Where He Has Promised to Be Found: In Word and Sacrament," and "Let the Church Care for Orphans.".

Rich Lusk, I Belong to GodI Belong to God: A Catechism for Covenant Children, by Rich Lusk

Booth and Lusk - The Church-Friendly FamilyThe Church-Friendly Family, co-written with Randy Booth

Paedofaith by Rich LuskPaedofaith: A Primer on the Mystery of Infant Salvation and a Handbook for Covenant Parents

Borneman - Church, Sacrament, and American DemocracyForeword to Adam Borneman's Church, Sacrament, and American Democracy: The Social and Political Dimensions of John Williamson Nevin's Theology of the Incarnation

Gallant - These Are Two CovenantsForeword to Tim Gallant's These Are Two Covenants: Reconsidering Paul on the Mosaic Law

Sadler - The Second Adam and the New BirthForeword to reprint of M. F. Sadler's The Second Adam and the New Birth

Sandlin-Barach eds - Obedient Faith Shepherd FestschriftContributor to Obedient Faith: A Festschrift for Norman Shepherd, edited by Andrew Sandlin and John Barach“The Reformed Doctrine of Justification By Works”

Leithart-Barach eds - Glory of Kings Jordan FestschriftContributor to The Glory of Kings: A Festschrift in Honor of James B. Jordan, edited by Peter Leithart and John Barach. For a version of the essay, "Holy War Transformed," click here.

Wilkins-Garner eds The Federal VisionContributor to The Federal Vision, edited by Steve Wilkins and Duane Garner“Paedobaptism and Baptismal Efficacy: Historic Trends and Current Controversies”“New Life and Apostasy: Hebrews 6:4–8 as a Test Case”

Beisner ed - Auburn Avenue TheologyContributor to The Auburn Avenue Theology: Pros and Cons, edited by Calvin Beisner

Gregg Strawbridge ed - Case for Covenant CommunionContributor to The Case for Covenant Communion, edited by Gregg Strawbridge. God of My Youth, by Rich Lusk

Sandlin - Faith That Is Never AloneContributor to A Faith That Is Never Alone, edited by Andrew Sandlin“Federal Vision Postcards”“Future Justification: Some Theological and Exegetical Proposals”

Wilson-Fischer eds - Omnibus III Contributor to Omnibus III: Reformation to the Present, edited by Douglas Wilson and G. Tyler Fischer. Click HERE for "The Epistles of Peter and Jude" by Rich Lusk.

Wilson-Fischer eds - Omnibus IVContributor to Omnibus IV: The Ancient World, edited by Douglas Wilson and G. Tyler Fischer. Click HERE for “Psalms" by Rich Lusk and HERE for “Joshua, Judges, and Ruth" by Rich Lusk.

Wilson-Fischer eds - Omnibus VIContributor to Omnibus VI: The Modern World, edited by Gene Edward Veith, Douglas Wilson, and G. Tyler Fischer. Click HERE for Pastoral Epistles, by Rich Lusk.

Journal Articles

"Baptismal Efficacy and Baptismal Latency: A Sacramental Dialogue" in Presbyterion: Covenant Seminary Review, Spring 2006. A version of the essay is available here.

"An Immodest Proposal for Pursuing Peace and Purity in the Body of Christ: A Plea for Reformed Catholicity" in Reformation and Revival Journal, Winter 2004. Now available on site here.

"N. T. Wright and Reformed Theology: Friends or Foes?" in Reformation and Revival Journal, Spring 2002. Now available on site here.