The new year is well underway, but I always like to look back in the work I did in the previous year that I think was most significant.  My most important sermons were probably this one on LGBTQ+ “Pride” month and this one on Judges 2, preached at our church plant in Columbus, GA and which could serve as something of a vision statement for CREC congregations. If you're learning about the CREC, you may want to listen to it. My favorite Sunday School class from last year was this one on community -- I would especially recommend it if you are new to TPC. I also did a chapel talk in Monroe, LA for high school students at Geneva Academy on Psalm 78.  While the first part of the talk overlapped with a sermon I preached at TPC, a few minutes into it, I diverged and made several applications of the psalm to Christian young adults -- feel free to share it with that demographic! I think my best piece of writing in the last year was this overly long but very thorough engagement with Nancy Pearcey’s book on masculinityThis one on woke pastors and this one on "Barbie and the Patriarchy" also got good feedback. The best episodes of the “Got a Minute?” podcast I do with Larson Hicks were “It’s All in Genesis 3” , "FLGBTQ+" on feminism, and the interview we did with David Bahnsen.