In baptism, water is poured or sprinkled over a person in the Triune name. Why does baptism use water? To grasp the full meaning of baptism, we need to grasp the meaning of water in the Scripture. Water was chosen for a reason, having to do with both its symbolism and its practical uses. Water is a fitting instrument for God’s purpose.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the sacrament of baptism.

To understand baptism, we cannot just look at a few NT passages that mention baptism explicitly. The apostles clearly believed there were events in the OT that prefigured Christian baptism.

This is an email I send out to our congregation occasionally to instruct them about our practice of infant baptism -- not just why we baptize infants, but also why we baptize the way way we, why we use the liturgy we do, etc.


I'd have to do some research on my hard drive or in my old email folders to be sure, but I think this essay was probably written about 2004 or 2005, when the Federal Vision controversy was raging. I do not know why the formatting is somewhat messed up but it should still be readable. Because this essay has been one of my more commented-on baptismal essays, I thought it would be fitting to republish it on the blog.

A PDF is available here.



By Rich Lusk