In our experience, death is always stronger than love.

We know this because our loved ones die. Our love cannot fight off death, our love cannot keep others alive forever. And, of course, others' love for us cannot keep us alive either. Death seems to win out over love every time.

But Easter changes all of that. Jesus died, then rose from the grave on the third day, entering into eternal and indestructible life in a glorified body. The promise of the resurrection, the promise of Easter, is that there is a love stronger than death. Jesus overcame the grave, proving that God's love is indeed stronger than death. In the resurrection, the Father's love for the Son, and the Son's love for his bride (the church), overcome death.

Easter means death no longer reigns. Jesus now reigns, which means love, peace, and joy reign. Death's reign has been broken forever. The new creation is already here, and will be brought to consummation at the last day. At that day, we will be given our resurrection bodies, in which we will live forever, basking in the glorious love of God.

We are here on the Lord's Day as the Lord's people for the Lord's service, culminating in the Lord's Supper, to celebrate the Lord's resurrection and the Lord's love -- a love stronger than death!