This is the Lord’s service for the Lord’s people on the Lord’s Day, as we hear Lord’s Word and feast on the Lord’s Supper.
Liturgy is the greatest show on earth -  and that’s because it’s not a show on earth, it really takes place in the heavenly sanctuary. Mystically, spiritually, by faith, when we “lift our hearts up the Lord” we enter into the liturgy of heaven. We join with angels, archangels, and all the company of heaven in worshipping God around his throne. This is the great privilege of the new covenant, the opening of the heavenly sanctuary. Today we will make a journey to the holy of holies. In the old covenant, there was a model or replica of the heavenly sanctuary, the tabernacle, then the temple. The high priest in Israel guy to enter in one day a year. In the new covenant, we are all united to the high priest, Jesus Christ, and we all have access to the true inner sanctum in heaven. Every Sunday we enjoy this tremendous privilege of coming into the heavenly most holy place to enjoy God’s presence and receive God’s gifts. God is going to act here today. God is going to speak. God is going to forgive. Gos is going to serve. God is going to welcome. All we do is return thanks and praise. And just as God’s gifts are given to us in Christ, so we offer our return gifts to God in Christ. Christ completes the circle of fellowship, bringing God’s treasures to us and delivering our praise back to God. We the God-men, God-incarnate, the one who is fully God and fully human, he is uniquely suited to be our mediator in this way. When you understand this dynamic that takes place in the liturgy, you can see why I refer to it as the greatest show on earth. Let’s prepare our hearts to receive the good gifts of God.